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This Isn’t a Joke: Denture Patients Should Kick the Smoke

November 10, 2023

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Dentures can be a fantastic way to restore a smile after extensive tooth loss, but they can require the patient to make a few lifestyle changes to keep them in working order for the long haul. While it’s well known that smoking is bad for your teeth, it can also cause significant problems for people who wear dentures. Here are some of the ways smoking is bad for your false teeth and why it’s a great idea to quit the habit.

How Does Smoking Affect Dentures?

When you inhale smoke or chew tobacco, your gums harden to protect themselves against the chemicals they contain. If this happens frequently, your gums can become exhausted from this hardening effect and begin to shrink and recede. Your dentures depend on your gums in order to fit properly and hold their place in your mouth, so if your gums are shrinking away, your dentures will need more adjustments and will eventually require replacement sooner. However, quitting smoking will allow your gums to heal and regenerate, helping your dentures stay in place longer.

To make matters worse, smoking causes stains to develop on both natural and artificial teeth. This diminishes their appearance, reducing your beautifully restored smile to something you might not be so eager to show people.

How Else Does Smoking Affect the Health of My Gums?

Tobacco contains nicotine, which causes the blood vessels in the body to constrict. This restricts blood flow to the body’s tissues, which makes it harder for the gums to heal and fight infections. This makes it easier for gum disease to set in and harder for the body to eliminate the infection. Smoking also increases the rate of bone loss, which makes the jaw recede faster and less able to support your dentures.

Dentures should be a long-term investment, but smoking can take its toll on this investment’s returns. With proper care, dentures can last for ten years or more.

About the Author

Dr. Rob McVety earned his dental doctorate at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and completed a General Practice Residency at the Veterans Hospital in Denver, CO. He proudly serves as a member of the Maine Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. His office in Falmouth, ME offers general, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry as well as denture treatments. For more information on caring for your dentures, contact the office online or dial (207) 517-7008.

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