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It’s Bedtime & My Tooth Hurts…What Should I Do?  

March 29, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 12:25 pm
young woman trying to sleep

It has been a long day, and you’ve done everything you need to before going to bed. There is just one thing: your tooth is throbbing. What started as a dull ache is now a toothache that is impossible to ignore. Oddly enough, it seems to start really hurting right before you go to bed. Why is this happening, and more importantly, what can you do to make it stop so you can get some shuteye? As it turns out, this isn’t a unique problem, so there are a few simple solutions you can take advantage of right away.


Which Dental Emergencies Cause Facial Pain?

January 30, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 7:55 pm
woman experiencing facial pain

There are many reasons why you may experience facial discomfort, which is most often felt in the face, cheeks, or forehead. Since it refers to a symptom rather than a condition, there several potential underlying causes. In some cases, the problems can be difficult to navigate on your own. The first step to receiving effective treatment is understanding the possible facial pain causes. Read on to learn which dental emergencies can lead to this discomfort!


Why Does Your Jaw Hurt on One Side? 5 Possible Causes

November 16, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 11:01 pm
Man rubbing one side of mouth due to jaw pain

One minute you felt completely normal, and the next you suddenly started experiencing serious pain on one side of your jaw. The first two questions on your mind are likely to be “What’s causing my pain?” and “Is this a sign of something serious?” Fortunately, jaw pain usually isn’t cause for immediate concern; that said, it’s important to be aware of what it could mean. The following post explores 5 potential reasons for jaw pain on one side.


Which Toothpaste Is Best for My Porcelain Veneers?

September 3, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 4:39 pm
Toothpaste resting on a toothbrush.

If you’ve just received porcelain veneers, you’re probably pretty thrilled about the look and feel of your new smile. However, now it’s a simple matter of keeping your new pearly whites looking their best; but this is often easier said than done! And when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your porcelain veneers, even the little things matter—such as what toothpaste you use to keep them clean! Keep reading to learn more about which toothpastes are ideal and which you should avoid when it comes to veneers.


4 Important Facts to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

August 3, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 7:35 pm
Patient at the dentist receiving porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are one of the hottest available solutions in cosmetic dentistry! This awesome treatment option has paved the way for patients who desire a brighter, whiter, Hollywood-caliber smile. That said, you might be interested in receiving veneers to noticeably enhance your smile, but you have questions you want answered before you commit to treatment. Keep reading to learn four important things about veneers that every candidate should know going into the process.


Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers: Which is the Better Treatment?

June 9, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 10:25 am
Cut out of tooth and question mark

Your local cosmetic dentist would do an effective job at treating your stained teeth. Even a yellowy-brown smile can look white and shiny again with the correct procedure. However, you might not know which treatment would help you the most. For instance, which would better fix discoloration — teeth whitening or porcelain veneers?

To help you answer that question, here’s a comparison of the two services’ traits. Read it over to find out which is the right choice for you!


What to Expect When Removing a Failed Dental Implant

April 20, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 6:11 pm
Illustration of a failed dental implant

Dental implants are becoming more and more widely accepted as a modern option for replacing teeth. The procedure has proven to be highly reliable with a 95% success rate. However, dental implant failure is still a possibility, and if it happens, you may need to have the post removed altogether while your dentist works to treat the underlying problem. What can you expect when your dentist is removing a failed implant? The post below will cover the basics.


3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

March 29, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 7:07 pm
dentist showing an x-ray of wisdom teeth

Everyone has experienced tooth or jaw pain at some point in their lives. It could be because of a cavity or even a sinus infection. However, there are some cases where it’s merely wisdom tooth pain If you’re between the ages of 15-25, some signs and symptoms will alert you of a tooth that has become impacted. That said, here are three warning signs that indicate your third set of molars might be impacted and will need to be removed.


3 Ways to Make Dull Gray Teeth Sparkling & White Again!

March 11, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 8:01 pm
Woman smiles after treating gray teeth in Falmouth

Is your smile not as bright as you’d like it to be? Do you find yourself hiding your smile in photographs and during conversations because you’re embarrassed by the color of your teeth? Are you constantly worried about what others think about the color of your pearly whites? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Thousands of people in the US alone struggle with yellow or gray teeth every day due to dental trauma, certain medications, specific genetic conditions, and simply the passage of time. Fortunately, you don’t have to let dull, discolored teeth hold you back in life if you don’t want to! Read on as we cover three easy ways your cosmetic dentist can help brighten up your gray teeth in Falmouth.


4 Cosmetic Services That Can Fix Small Teeth

January 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — cascobay @ 10:42 pm
Closeup of beautiful smile thanks to Falmouth cosmetic dentist

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, virtually no one is born with perfect teeth. If your teeth seem short or smaller than they should be, your Falmouth cosmetic dentist can help you get the strong, confident smile you deserve. In fact, there are numerous treatments that can fix small teeth! From simple solutions like dental bonding to treatments you may not have considered like gum recontouring, your cosmetic dentist can help you find a service that works for you. Read on to learn which treatments can help you fix small teeth.

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