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Falmouth Teeth Whitening

Eliminate Your Stains and Discoloration in No Time

Woman with beautifully white smile

Do you hide your smile in public or photos because of stains and discoloration? Many Americans, about 80%, wish that they had a brighter smile, which is why there are many in-store whitening products available. However, these products can cause irritation and often provide uneven results. Thankfully, Dr. Rob McVety offers in-office teeth whitening with a Zoom light and Pola Gel in Falmouth to give you a whiter and more confident smile. Keep reading to learn why Zoom! teeth whitening is the best whitening service available for fast and dramatic whitening results in less than an hour. 

Why Choose Casco Bay Smiles for Teeth Whitening?

  • Zoom! teeth whitening removes tough stains
  • Beautiful and lasting results
  • Safe and swift treatment process

Why are My Teeth Stained?

half-white smile

Your teeth can become stained for many reasons, but if you’re older, discoloration is inevitable. As you age, your teeth face normal wear and tear that can cause them to lose their pearly white appearance. Additionally, your teeth can become more rapidly stained and discolored if you:

  • Practice poor oral healthcare
  • Routinely drink coffee or red wine
  • Regularly use tobacco products or smoke
  • Consume foods rich in color like blueberries, pasta sauce, and dark liquor

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Woman receiving teeth whitening treatment

If you’ve had stains or discoloration, you may have tried over-the-counter products that just didn’t deliver the results that you were looking for. At Casco Bay Smiles, we offer Zoom! in-office teeth whitening to provide our patients with smiles that are up to 8 shades whiter in just an hour’s time!

Dr. McVety, an expert dentist in Falmouth, uses a safe and strong professional-grade whitening solution that he applies evenly to the surfaces of your teeth. Then, using a special activation lamp, he can reach stains that are on and below the surface of your teeth. This also speeds up the process, allowing for a quick, easy, yet effective treatment. Another benefit of this whitening treatment is that it can be used on patients who have experienced painful oral sensitivity in the past, allowing for a comfortable dental visit.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Close-up of beautiful smile with dental mirror

Sadly, the new white color on your teeth won’t last forever, but you can extend the lifespan of your whiteness by practicing good oral healthcare. This means routine brushing, flossing, and the use of a nonalcoholic mouthwash. You should also avoid eating foods that are rich in color during the first few days after treatment, and even for the near future if you want to ensure the whiteness of your teeth. Typically, patients will see their results lasting between 3 and 6 months, but this time will vary based on how well you care for your smile. You can also come back to Casco Bay Smiles for quick and easy touchup appointments to maintain whiteness. These are especially useful if you have an important upcoming event or interview.

Does it sound like Zoom! teeth whitening is for you? Contact our office today to get started on a beautifully white and dazzling smile.

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