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A Dentist in Falmouth Explains the Benefits of Dental Technologies

April 6, 2019

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In order for a dentist to provide high-quality dental care for his patients, he must be knowledgeable and equipped to use the latest technology. These new tools can make cleanings, procedures, and surgical treatments easier, more effective, and even less painful. Although they require a large investment, it proves beneficial for both the dentist and the patient. Let a dentist in Falmouth discuss some of these technologies and their benefits.

Now You See It with Intraoral Cameras

Are you ever curious about what your dentist sees when he’s looking in your mouth? Because he’s wearing a mask, you can’t even tell exactly what his facial expressions are, so all you must go off is what he’s saying. Well, all that changes with the help of intraoral cameras. Using a handheld instrument, your dentist can capture close-up images of your mouth and instantly show you on a monitor that’s placed in front of you. Facing a dental emergency and unsure of the severity of the damage? Your emergency dentist in Falmouth can show you what he sees, discuss improvements that treatments can provide, as well as provide a better perspective of your oral care.

Discover the Details with Planmeca 3D Imaging

Dental x-rays may not be enough when preparing for a procedure such as dental implant placement. It often requires further, more in-depth analysis of the patient’s dental anatomy. The Planmeca 3D Imaging cone beam scanner allows your dentist to create a detailed image of your teeth and mouth. This will allow the dental team to tailor your procedure so it will be successful, and your recovery will be quick!

No Mess with a Digital Impression System

You’ve probably had it done in the past where you bit down onto something that looks like a mouthguard that had cold dental putty in it. Once it captured your bite impression, it was sent off to the lab. Well, say goodbye to the putty and hello to digital impressions! No longer are impressions poor in quality. The 3Shape Trios scanner creates a more accurate impression with a few non-contact scans of your mouth. It creates a fully 3D model of your bite, so it can be used to design a specific treatment method right there in the dental office.

Change Your Look with a Soft Tissue Laser

Unhappy with how your gums look? This can be easily remedied with a soft tissue laser. Whether you need treatment for gum disease or want to reshape your gum line, your cosmetic dentist in Falmouth offers high-quality results without the use of invasive scalpels or sutures. Using a highly concentrated beam of light, it quickly eliminates harmful bacteria and removes tissue with little to no bleeding.

See how easy and effective dental technology can be? With so many new and innovative ways dentists can care for your teeth and gums, you can rest assured your dental care is in the best of hands.

About the Author
Earning his undergraduate degree at Bates College, Dr. Rob McVety pursued a doctorate at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. He also received advanced training in implant placement and restoration, advanced gum disease treatment, and restorative dentistry, during a General Practice Residency at the Veterans Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Dr. McVety and his team are passionate about helping people to improve their smiles and overall quality of life. To learn more about Dr. McVety and the services offered, contact us at (207) 517-7008.

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